Lookybox for VRA

Lookybox for Audiometrie for Children from 4-24 Month
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The VRA (Visual Reinforcement Audiometry)is a well-applicable method for audiometry of children aged 4 months to 2 years.
It is ideal for determining the threshold of hearing or for checking with hearing and can be applied to both the headset as well as in open field.
This method of behavioral audiometry with conditioning closes the gap between the Reflexaudiometrie in infants and the audiometry.
The use of conditioning is effective in improving the child's reaction to an offer acoustic stimulus, and thus:

a higher accuracy of the threshold determination
higher reliability and lower dispersion
a decreased habituation
a significantly higher number of responses to sound stimuli

Procedure of the measurement:
1. In the first phase the child is conditioned. Given a visual stimulus, e.g., simultaneously with an acoustic stimulus (tone), for example: an animated stuffed animal from the side presented.
2. In the second phase the child's attention is directed to the front and simultaneously
is played a sound. Here the child will turn in anticipation of visual reward (Visual Reinforcement) head to the side. The reproducible head rotation for visual reward stimulus is evaluated in response to the discovery / perception of the acoustic stimulus.
3. In the third phase the volume of the sound is decreased in order to determine the threshold of hearing.


The Lookybox suitable for professional and effective implementation of the VRA.
In the Lookybox is an invisible attractive toy. For visual reward the box is illuminated and the toy activated. The operation of Lookybox done with a remote control.
The toy consists of various atractive stuffed animals that perform dance moves when activated.


an animal of your choice (at the time Leo or St. Bernard; ask for alternatives)
remote control
PSU 12V1A (european system)

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